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 +# References for Living Well Kit and Labs
 +David Wilcox and Drew Mackie | [Contact details](/​contact)
 +*We aim to develop a kit, and testbed local Labs, to blend digital technology with traditional methods for community development and Living Well: making the most of what we have; telling stories and encouraging creative conversations;​ building relationships through networks.*
 +[The draft proposal](/​livingwell/​model) is based on explorations over the past four years of digital technology in relation to People Powered Change, opportunities for young people, later life, and Living Well in the Digital Age. It is also informed by earlier work on community engagement, local partnerships,​ games and simulations,​ social technology, and networks. Here's the supporting references.
 +* [Briefing on Living Labs](/​livingwell/​workshopbrief)
 +* [Earlier ideas on Living Labs and social ecologies](https://​​a/​​livinglab/​)
 +* [Workshop games and simulations for Living Labs](https://​​a/​​livinglab/​workshops)
 +At present resources are in several places. We are consolidating on our [Mediablends wiki](/​home)
 +### Resources on Living Well and Ageing Better, networks and technology
 +* [Paper on networks and network mapping](/​networks/​netspaper)
 +* [Making sense of technology for Care, Ageing Better and Living Well](/​livingwell/​makingsense)
 +* [Index of explorations into Living Well in the Digital Age and Ageing Better Innovation](/​livingwell/​index) including reports on the explorations including provocations,​ challenges, ideas for action, and also
 +* [Resources elsewhere on Living Well and Ageing Better](/​livingwell/​resources)
 +* [Workshop briefing about Living Labs](livingwell/​workshopbrief)
 +* [Report of the workshop with DCLG](/​livingwell/​workshopreport)
 +* [DCLG Grey Cells framework](/​livingwell/​greycells)
 +### Earlier explorations and publication on digital technology, partnerships and participation
 +* [People Powered Change for Big Lottery Fund](http://​​page_id=590)
 +* [Digital technology and opportunities for young people - for Nominet Trust](http://​​page_id=587)
 +* [Digital technology in later life - for Nominet Trust](/​dtlater/​home)
 +* [Social by Social: social tech for social impact - for NESTA](https://​​sxs-handbook/​)
 +* [Guide to networking](/​networks/​index)
 +* [Guides to partnerships and participation](/​partnerships/​index)
 +* [Designing for Civil Society blog](http://​​)
 +### City University
 +* [Care’N’Share natural language database](http://​​)
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