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 +# Networking about living well in the digital age - free event July 28
 +[Originally published on 22/​07/​2015](http://​​2015/​networking-about-living-well-in-the-digital-age---free)
 +There'​s a few places available for a free event a group of us are running in London on the afternoon of Tuesday July 28. 
 +At the event we’ll build on two strands emerging from a nine-month exploration with Age Action Alliance into [Living Well in the Digital Age](/​livingwell/​Index): ​
 +* a flexible model for combining community development,​ maps, apps, storytelling and other methods locally to help build stronger communities and to combat loneliness. This includes support for both personal and organisational use of technology.
 +* using those and other collaborative methods nationally to create more opportunities for independent innovators - as well as the bigger players in all sectors. This event is a start.
 +There'​s [more detail here](/​livingwell/​july28). If you are interested, get in touch or @davidwilcox
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