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 +#Centre for Ageing Better discussions
 +The Centre for Ageing Better was set up with £50 million funding from the Big Lottery Foundation, as one of a network of What Works centres. A consultation paper on the Centre'​s plans in 2015 had no mention of technology - which produced some discussion on Twitter. Here's a series of blog posts that led to a meeting, and positive discussions with the Centre.
 +* [About the Centre for Ageing Better](http://​​)
 +* [The Centre on Twitter](https://​​betterageing)
 +* [What Works Network](https://​​what-works-network)
 +* [Living Well in the Digital Age exploration](http://​​livingwell/​index)
 +* [Posts about the Big Lottery Fund](http://​​livingwell/​bigsum)
 +##Blog posts about the Centre ​
 +*The first post reports a Twitter discussion about the lack of technology in the Centre'​s plans, followed by ideas on how the centre might engage with technology, and news of the appointment of a new CEO. See also [posts about the Big Lottery Fund](http://​​livingwell/​bigsum),​ which has supported the Centre with a £50 million investment*.
 +Twitter helps BetterAgeing Centre engage with potential for digital innovation in AgeingBetter. The Centre for Ageing Better has reponded positively to a Twitter discussion about the lack of reference to digital technology in its strategy. Sending a blog post in draft helped. 22/​04/​2015 ​
 +How do we shift from yet more research and reports to innovation in AgeingBetter?​ Ideas please. If we believe yet more old-style research and reports isn't the way to promote greater innovation for living well in the digital age, how can we help organisations like the Centre for Ageing Better make the change? Ideas please 23/​04/​2015 ​
 +Update from the Centre for Ageing Better. The Centre for Ageing Better has posted an update on progress from interim CEO Greg Wilkinson following Twitter discussion of its consultation paper. 08/5/2015
 +Ideas on how the Centre for Ageing Better can start to engage with digital technology. Here's a menu of ideas on how the Centre for Ageing Better could introduce digital technology into its plans and consultation process. 13/05/2015
 +Key points in Centre for Ageing Better strategy consultation - deadline May 20 #​PDdigital15. The main consultation on the Centre for Ageing Better strategy end on May 20. So far plans don't include anything on technology. 17/05/2015
 +Congratulations and engagement ideas for new Centre for Ageing Better CEO Dr Anna Dixon - it's time for a different style. The new CEO for the Centre for Ageing Better is already seeking ideas on Twitter, and is a champion for helping service users voice their interests and concerns. That should help the Centre develop its engagement strategy. 18/​06/​2015 ​
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