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Designing collaboration - Processes

Think about the process

Review the basics, key issues and principles Read some stories about collaboration Decide on the core group of people you hope to work with Talk to each other about what you are trying to do, and how you will do it.

Start planning with client, core group

Try writing a story, or FAQ, covering: What you are trying to do, and how you will know if you have succeeded (Purpose, Outcomes, M&E) Why it is important in the current situation (Context) How far you want to involve other people (Stance) Who will be doing the work, and what parts they will play (Roles) How long it will take, and what is likely to happen when (Milestones) How you will go about things (Pinciples) How the project/programme will benefit people (Characters, Scenarios)

Team development

Work out who will do what, and how … Ask each member of the team to explain what they will be doing (Brief) Write some public stories about collaboration, stories etc (Learning) Develop a skills check and ways to help each other (PKM etc) Set up project and content management systems Set up team comms (IM, Bookmarking, Skype, Google docs) Arrange team meetings - f2f and virtual

Initial research

Map the system/network Carry out a diagnostics survey Bookmark collaboratively Prepare a co-design workshop

Co-design the programme

Create the context scenario Develop some characters

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