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Designing collaboration - Practice lessons

Although groups, organisations or other structures may be necessary to bring projects, products and services into being, collaboration takes places between people. Their attitudes, relationships and levels of trust will ultimately determine what works and what doesn’t.

Collaboration has to have some purpose … to make money, solve a problem, create a new product for yourself or someone else. Unless you can agree on the purpose, the collaboration isn’t going to work because you will be pulling in different directions.

The people who benefit from the collaboration - for example, new product or service users - can also be part of the collaboration. Their views, ideas, feedback can be particularly valuable.

Reaching a successful outcome involves a process over time, and someone (or a number of people) have to provide leadership to take that process forward. The style they adopt - directive, controlling or facilitative - may derive from and/or help establish the culture within which collaboration does or doesn’t take place successfully.


The process

Starting Is collaboration the best approach?

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